1. Explore Ha Giang Loop’s team

Explore Ha Giang Loop is a company specializing in organizing local tourism programs in Ha Giang province. With a team that is young, dynamic, knowledgeable and has a high sense of responsibility, we are confident that we will become your most reliable and quality choice in your adventure to experience the beauty of Ha Giang. 

2. The efforts

We always strives to innovate, create and improve service quality, with the goal of becoming the largest and most professional tourist company in Ha Giang. From there, we can meet all customer expectations and make you feel most satisfied when traveling with us.

3. The mission

With the mission of directing customers to trips where the value lies in emotions. We have been building more and more package tours to Ha Giang. At the same time, we are always ready to advise and adjust your schedule down to the smallest details, so you can have a suitable trip and fully experience all activities and destinations in Ha Giang. 

4. Awareness and action

With nearly a decade of experience operating in the tourism industry in Vietnam and Ha Giang, we consistently encourage awareness and specific actions for the benefit of the local community, ensuring social and environmental sustainability. Through close cooperation with local communities, each activity in the tourism program will directly contribute to improving the quality of life of the local population.

With contributions and constant efforts over the last decade, we – the Explore Ha Giang Loop team, really aim to become a dependable choice in the journey to explore Vietnam in general and Ha Giang in particular. Especially from many friends throughout the world. Bringing satisfaction, comfort and enjoyable experiences in each trip.

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